Just released DripDrop v 0.3.0. The big new features in this release are message subclassing and pub/sub topic filtering, both courtesy of John W. Higgins (wishdev), who did a phenomenal job engineering these features cleanly. The other major change is a revamped argument order for xrep and http servers and clients. These are more consistent with the web socket interface (message as first arg) and really clean up the API.

Message subclassing is especially exciting because now you’re able to send messages with much richer behavior. The javascript API doesn’t yet support subclasses explicitly (they just come through as plain DD.Message objects), but support should be forthcoming in the next release.

On top of all this, we now have more spec coverage! I’ll admit the test coverage hasn’t been great, since it wasn’t baked in, but we’re adding it in as we go, and when I have time, I’m trying to fill it in as well. Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear them, either here, on github, or on twitter @andrewvc .


My plans for distributed workers in DripDrop are on hold till I feel the reactor code is well spec’d. Additionally, I think a rails routes style DSL for managing all your socket names in larger apps might be more important. Or maybe it’s a terrible idea, it’s not quite a fully formed idea yet.

– Andrew