I’ve got a fun new project up on Github, clj-automata, a short program that can be used to visualize an infinite sequence generated by a given elementary cellular automataton.

Automata are cool, but beyond that, the point of this project was to help people learn Clojure. To that end I spent a lot of time annotating the source code. The code uses lazy-sequences heavily, but does a bit of imperative style code when it comes to interacting with the UI. This is something I’ve noticed quite a bit, graphical output seems to be less than amenable to FP. Given that clj-automata covers ground both in FP and imperative styles I thought it’d be a good learning project for those new to the language.

As an aside, I’ve been interested in literate programming for quite some time. Literate programming was heavily promoted by Don Knuth, who wrote TeX as literate program.

You can see a snapshot of the running program (the actual code animates, scrolling down) below. Or, you can checkout and run the source yourself.